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No! Touch-Icing

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Bob McKenzie.

Don and Ron.

They've all opined on no-touch icing: that it should be banned; that it should be ridiculed as a barbaric law that has hung above us for far too long; that it should be modified.

All points have validity, but modification fits most with me.

We fear for the back-checking D - sliding, ankle-first, into the boards.

He fears the loss of the puck.

When his legs crumple behind the net, we feel uncomfy but untroubled; he feels like a million unicorns are jabbing him in the knee.

We must do away with this clown-show by-law

We need a new rule!

And here it is:

If a puck is active in a disputed Icing call, the first player to seek said puck must tap the boards with his stick twice, but with both hands on it - just to make it fair. It could be like Riverdance in a few years.

Think of the revenue.
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