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Ok lets break down the Isles roster & see what's left for the 2009-10 season starting at the net & work our way out.

Ricky is our starter & lets say either Joey or Yan is our backup at 500,000. Where set in the net.

On defense, we let Hillen & Pock walk, & are left with these 7 signed & bring up a man from the farm when needed. Streit Sutton Witt Martinek Gervais Campoli Meyer.

Now on forward lets start at the bottom & work our way up. We now have 8 forwards signed, Hunter Bailey Okposo Sim Bergenheim Park Tambellini & Nielsen. Lets say Sim & Tambellini are our 13th & 14th forwards, that leaves us with 6 signed & 6 to sign. Sillinger's career looks to be over so we let him walk & as good as Weight has been for us he to looks like his body like Sillingers is telling him to shut it down & if the Isles did happen to make a playoff run in 2009-10 I don't believe we can depend on Weight & his health. Ok now lets sign Hilbert & Thompson at 750,000 & 500,000 & that gives us 8 starting forwards now. Ok, now lets remember we are the Islanders & players aren't pounding down our door to get on this team so we need to take what we can get again & resign Guerin & Comrie for another year at less then 4 million each this time. Now we have 10 starting forwards & need 2 more. If the season plays out & the Isles continue winning at the same pace they are now & we finish dead last & land the first pick in the draft, Tavares it is! Tavares signs for 3,725,000 & we have our 11th starting forward. At this point were around 43 million including the fact that were still paying Yashin & Bates.

So the Isles have one spot open at forward for what I hope is a big name superstar forward named.......?

Who do you hope or think it may be?
February 13, 2009 2:02 PM ET | Delete
I forgot about Blake Comeau. Maybe hes the 12th starter
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