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Cleaning House

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When you talk about cleaning house in hockey it's usually not as intense as what Burke has done.

Rarely in todays world do you see a 7 player blockbuster like the one made earlier with the Calgary Flames. And now they've made another big trade. They've cleared off more cap space by somehow managing to convince Anaheim to take Jason Blakes contract basically for nothing. The Toskala for Giguere is basically a fair trade. Both have very high contracts. Toskala is a UFA and Giggy has one year left with 6 million but it at least solves next years goalie problem. Giguere is by far a better goaltender than Vesa Toskala and worth more, and I have a feeling that when his contract is up he'll get a significant pay decrease but most likely will be staying in Toronto as a back up to Gustavsson.

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