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Would the Devils be able to pull of getting Tomas Kaberle and Ilya Kovalchuk? If they did that would cap off an already great free agency for the Devils that the fans of New Jersey aren't used to seeing from their team.

Although the chances seem very slim, nothing is impossible. Rolston, White, and Langenbrunner combine for a $10.86 million cap hit. If the Devils could somehow in a miracle trade send those three players to Toronto in exchange for Kaberle and maybe a prospect or a draft pick it would be very possible. Kaberle's contract is a $4.25 million cap hit. After this trade the Devils would have freed up $6.61 million in cap space, making the necessary room for Ilya Kovalchuk. Even though the chances of this happening are very slim, it's always good to dream right?
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