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"Buffalo Sabres Thoughts"
What a game What game. Sabres Fab Five is not on:

Thomas Vanek continues to dominate this opposition. One Goal and One Assist. That makes 6 goals in 4 games. Well on his way to the 50 Goal Campaign and leading this team back to the playoffs.

The power play i was tough on them during the first game. Well so far they have been very good in the last couple games.

Remember that Islanders game 7-1 and now this game 5-2 it show the talent on this team.

Mair, Kaleta, and Peters showing what a good checking line can do in terms of going into the offensive zone.

This team is tougher defensively then the last two years. This sabres team is looking more and more like a stanely cup contender every hit and every game.

Next Up Atlanta.... might have a recap afterwards.... might not depending on the Tampa Bay/Boston game.

Go Sabres
Go Rays

until next time
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