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Power Rankings Jan.6

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1. New Jersey - Great team, no weaknesses
2. Chicago - Another great team, but is feeding on a weak Central Divison
3. San Jose - Is this the best one line team in hockey?
4. Buffalo - Miller for Vezina
5. Washington - Offense is covering weak goaltending
6. Pittsburgh - Still very good, but not dominant.
7. Vancouver - Great 5 on 5 play and Power Play
8. Calgary - Have been beating weaker competition
9. Phoenix - Dave Tippet should win the Jack Adams
10. Colorado - Needs to be better to stay with NW competetion
11. Boston - Needs more offense
12. Los Angeles - Doughty is a beast
13. Nashville - Somehow they keep getting the job done
14. Ottawa - Playing good despite injuries
15. Detroit - Needs to pick it up to make the pllayoffs
16. New York Rangers - Where would this team be without Gaborik? Probably 14th in the east.
17. Dallas - Richards and Erikson are having great seasons
18. Montreal - Plekanec is playing great. Gomez, not so much.
19. Philadelphia - Slowly improving
20. Atlanta - Scoring like crazy, but cannot hold a lead
21. Tampa Bay - Stamkos has not scored in 6 games.
22. Minnesota - Koivu is very underrated
23. New York Islanders - One line team
24. Florida - Uh, they just are not good
25. St. Louis - New coach could help I guess
26. Anaheim - Secondary players are showing their age
27. Toronto - Team Kessel is not near good enough
28. Edmonton - Terrible organization through and through
29. Columbus - Seem to have given up
30. Carolina - Whitney will be trade bait soon
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Oilers and Leafs are rated too high.
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