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Recurring Series'

Posted 11:31 PM ET | Comments 2
I'd like to start a few recurring features with staggered starting dates.
1. Ex-Star profile of the month
This would simply be a monthly profile of ex-Dallas Stars. Anyone from Bill Masteron, to Mike Kennedy, to Joe Nieuwendyk would be fair game.
2. Dallas Stars 3 Stars of the month
Like the NHL 3 stars of the week, but only for Dallas, and over the period of a month. It could start for March, go through the playoffs, and pick up next season.
3. 1st round playoff matchup previews
I wanted to start previewing potential 1st round matchups, but Dallas still has 8 potential dance partners. It would defeat the purpose to profile half of the conference.
4. Dallas Stars monthly trade retrospective
This would be a monthly retrospective looking back at different deals from Dallas' past no matter how big or how small.

These were just some ideas I came up with. Any thoughts or suggestions? Maybe more ideas I should do, or ways to tweak the ones I came up with?
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Will #'s 1
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