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Sharks win or bust.

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so throughout this offseason so far i've heard all the rumors you could possibly hear and most of them are ridiculous. It is going to be another offseason where we wait around for anothe superstar (kovalchuk) to make a decision which could take him all summer (just like the Heatley trade last year).

But i am not here to complain about that. As a proud Sharks fan (no matter what the circumstance is) I would like to share my insight to what needs to happen this next season now that we realize that the Sharks are just a few lucky beaks away (yes i said lucky breaks) from reaching their first stanley cup final. the Sharks were so close last seaon, they just ran into a much deeper and hotter Blackhawks team that just squeezed by them in OT and nabokov blunders.

This season however is the Sharks time to shine. The Blackhawks lost everyone that helped make them so deep; and even though they hav their young core still entact, they dont have enough money to even put a team together. Even if they do somehow sign Niemi and get rid of huet.

The Sharks this offseason need to pick up ONE top 4 defenseman at ANY cost. They tried Hjalmarson but Chicago was too stubborn (but thats ok we kept our picks in the process and screwed up their financial problem even more). The Sharks need to give up, and i hate to say it, either Ryan Clowe or Devin Setoguchi to Toronto for Kabrele. They need a verteran like him to shut down other top lines. Boyle cant do it alone. Then please please PLEASE! bring up Nick Petrecki or Jason Demers or even Derrek Joslin to play instead of Huskins or Leech! These young kids are ready for consistent NHL action. Look what it did for Jamie McGinn and Logan Couture. No need to spend any more money on people for D if u hav an arsenal waiting in the farm system.

On offense you just keep with your youth. Ride Marleau, heater and jumbo as long as you can. Pavelski will ahv a huge season with his new swagger hopefully. If the Sharks can bring in a grinder that can take hits and everything on the back end then that would bring some depth. i also think the Sharks need to get Owen Nolan. He deserves one last hurrah in San Jose and i dont think he would mind that because he lives there anyways.

Worse comes to worse this season, trade Jumbo (yes i said it). Trade him away. he is an amazing talent and an amazing guy but if we are just gonna lose him to free agency and hav him take up 7 million in cap space this season, then i dont think he is worth it. Unless i see 90+ points outta him, like he was producing when he first got here, then i think it is time for a goodbye.

I've been reading Ek's blogs on here and GET OVER IT PEOPLE! Kovalchuk is NOT going to be a Shark! no way in hell!

Top things the Sharks need to do:
1. Aquire Kabrele
2. Snag Niemi if the Hawks cant sign him
3. sign Nolan to one more year
4. Bring up Petrecki to play in the NHL
5. sign another forward that fits into our cap space
6. pray we never have to put in huskins or leech again
7. * trade Joe Thornton if the right offer presents itself
8. Win the stanley cup this year because teams only go downhill from here (pull a Chicago)
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