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Chiarelli Needs To Be Fired Immediately

Posted February 12, 2018
Been busy the last couple of weeks but I will start blogging with a bit more regularity for those who care. Here is a small piece to keep you occupied. Last night the Oilers paid homage to the 1984-1985 Edmonton Oilers... in case anyone had forgottten in the last 20 minutes that they were a really good hockey team. It's the mantra this team follows religiously; Reward the past and ignore the fa... Read More »
Quick fact about myself. I'm a big fan of the NHL video games. I can spend hours in Franchise Mode signing UFA's, making trades and creating the team I think would be a winner. During a season such as the Oilers are having this year; it's therapeutic. I'm not sure about other people but when I'm building my team there is usually a couple players I always target to get on my team. One of them we... Read More »
Over the next few weeks I'm going to run a bit of a series looking at some players that may be of interest to Edmonton. The first player on this list is Brendan Gallagher of the Montreal Canadiens. The Canadiens are one of the few teams that are in a worse position than the Oilers. Oiler fans were infuriated with the Taylor Hall trade but at least we still have Connor McDavid. The Canadiens tra... Read More »
Stop me if you've heard this before; a player has a down year. The team gets anxious, thinking they need to move this player while they still have some value and in return acquire false dreams and bags of pucks in return. Said player then proceeds to go back to their normal ways and fans begin to wonder why we can't have nice things. This has been a pattern for years in Edmonton that becomes mo... Read More »

Worst Wingers In The League

Posted January 11, 2018
Travis Yost wrote a very revealing article a couple days ago. The link to it can be found here: [url]https://www.tsn.ca/oilers-hampered-by-weakness-on-the-wing-1.963104[/url] Here is the short and skinny; the Oilers wingers are really really bad. I know most people don't think an article needed to be written to know that but Yost delves much further. Looking at G/60 (goals per 60 minutes of pl... Read More »


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