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Year End Grades - #98

Posted April 17, 2018
Now is the time for me to put my glasses a bit further down my nose, take out my best red pen and grade each individual Oiler on their season. I debated on the order of how I wanted to do these; alphabetically, point production, desire to make me throw things at my tv... I decided on descending jersey numbers so looks like Jesse Puljujarvi is up first. [b]GRADE - C [/b] This year was supposed... Read More »

The Press Conferences Didn't Help

Posted April 13, 2018
Oooooooh boy it's going to be a long summer. A few days ago Chiarelli had his media avail. I thought Todd McLellan did an admirable job. He took responsibility for his actions, spent time defending some decisions while apologizing for others, and overall gave an idea of what he expects of the team moving forward. Everything that Chiarelli didn't do. [b]Bye Bye Todd?[/b] For a GM who a... Read More »

Depth Chart Going Into 2018-2019

Posted April 11, 2018
This will be a recurring and changing list as the summer progresses. The Oilers have some key areas they need to address. Some of these changes will be addressed internally while others will have to be acquired via trade or free agency. Without taking into mind cap hits or chemistry. Here is how I personally believe how the Oilers current depth chart stands and where I believe players belong in... Read More »

Finally Over/What Happened

Posted April 9, 2018
Well that was a thing... The 2017-2018 season came ending on Saturday night with everyone discussing the Sedin twins last game. It was a metaphorical end to the season; everyone was discussing everything except the Oilers. So... how the hell did we get here? The Oilers entered the 2017-2018 as one of the Cup Favourites... not simply for Playoff Contention but to win it all. Myself along with... Read More »
To say Cam Talbot has had an underwhelming season would be an understatement. After setting an Oilers franchise record for wins last Talbot now finds himself with an abysmal .906 Sv%. That number puts him in 44th for goaltenders who have played at least 20 games. Talbot has one more year on his contract before he becomes a free agent. Some fans have gone so far to say that if the Oilers want to... Read More »


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