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Pros and Cons of Trading Erik Karlsson

Posted February 21, 2018
Well these rumours are a surprise. One deflected shot in the playoffs to win vs. Penguins, plus capitalizing on Rinne's terribad performance in the Stanley Cup Finals last year, the Sens win the cup with that Cinderella run. Now they're burning on the other side of the rift of fire and screaming out to Lazarus, "Help, help! We're in tribulation!" So is it a good idea to move Karlsson?... Read More »
The NHL challenge has been another addition to the game which follows the successful model in the NFL, giving another reason for anticipation for fans. But its reach has not yet been refined. Years ago, the "horseshoe" blue line allowed Matt Duchene to score a goal for the Avalanche, and yes, that was a blown non-call by the linesmen. It's a tough job, sometimes, especially when it come... Read More »
Montreal scored a whole four goals in four games. It's only four games in, surely! They're generating 38.8 shots per game! By my calculation, that leaves the team with a collective ~2.5% shooting percentage. So if stats guys are right, then their gambler's fallacy will tell them that this shooting percentage will shoot up to about 9-9.5% soon enough and they'll be scoring 3 or 4 goals per ga... Read More »
The Avalanche looked absolutely terrible this year. Roy's probably laughing at the team, but he shouldn't; he helped make this disaster. Roy and Sakic were stuck between two dynamics: Roy wanted a bigger team that was hard to play against and Sakic... I don't know what Sakic wants to do. I don't think Sakic knows what Sakic wants to do. I can look at the Avalanche like I surgically looked at... Read More »
The title is kind of blunt, isn't it? I remember watching it a few years. It wasn't exactly can't miss television. Hey guys, I got a great idea... it's 26 degrees outside, so let's go inside and watch a bunch of hockey players pick up trophies with deadpan faces and speaking with all the emptiness you'd expect in a hockey interview during the intermission. "Uh, it's gutcheck time, and we... Read More »


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