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The HIT - Sens/Flyers review

Posted September 26, 2007
Took in the FLyers-Sens game last night. *YAWN* pre-season hockey is less than desirable. Even the kids trying to earn roster spots did themselves no favours last night. Nycholat fit in on the Sens blueline without any problem, he is clearly ready for a roster spot. I would say it comes at the expense of Schubert. I cannot imagine any sens fans complaining about that. Up front Foligno did... Read More »

How Lowe can you go?

Posted July 7, 2007
It is to bad K-Lowe waited so long to buck tradition. His offer sheet yesterday has been a long unwritten rule within the NHL. Within the rules set out by the league and the PA .... just a rule that has not so often been used. Names like Scott Stevens, Brendan Shannahan come to mind when I think of UFA's of the past moving clubs and draft picks going the other way. The down side to the Vanek o... Read More »


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