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"The audience is listening."

Keep Draisaitl; Lose HOPE

Posted August 14, 2017
The phrase “too much; too soon” is starting to come to mind. Connor McDavid IS worth $12.5 million per season. At 20, he’s already the best player in the NHL. He’s a freak of nature. Running has Usain Bolt. Golf has Tiger Woods. Basketball has LeBron James. Baseball has that guy that throws stuff. Curling and football also have guys that throw stuff. My point is, generational talents ar... Read More »

The truth about Oilers prospects

Posted August 8, 2017
I search Twitter every morning to see what the world is saying about the Edmonton Oilers. Oh, and also check to see if they've signed Leon Draisaitl to a contract extension yet. It's still a world of no, Oilers fans. So frustrating. You know what's really frustrating about the Draisaitl situation? Neither side is saying anything. Where are Leakers when you need them, Jeff Sessions? The Draisaitl s... Read More »

The 31, August 7 edition

Posted August 7, 2017
31 teams; 31 reasons to post a random comment. Let's go. Anaheim Ducks – The Ducks are a conundrum for me. They have a good roster. They’ve won the Pacific Division something like five seasons in a row. There was very little change to their roster this summer. It seems like they can make the final four group in the playoffs on any given season, but ultimately, this team is not a cup winner.... Read More »

10 Oilers predictions for 2017/2018

Posted August 6, 2017
Yes, it's me again. Thank you for those who read. Thank you to the one person commenting on a MH blog who noticed my wife is a total smoke show. She is. She was born in Toronto and grew up in Australia. She's a Maple Leafs fan, and I'm actually starting to like that team, too. There's something about Matthews/Nylander/Marner that make the Leafs worth watching suddenly. When I'm in Toronto in Octob... Read More »

Oilers Freestyle Blog

Posted August 3, 2017
I have no idea what I want to write, so I am just going to share my Oilers thoughts off the top of my head, as they come to me. 1. Jack Eichel is about the get an eight-year extension from the Buffalo Sabres. Whatever money he gets should be roughly what Leon Draisaitl can ask for and get. Eichel and Draisaitl may or may not be comparable with respect to how they play, but they are roughly equa... Read More »


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