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"Fresh Ice in Teal Town -- San Jose Sharks talk"
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If we’ve learned anything over the years, you never count out Getzlaf and Perry; and to the Ducks’ daunting d-corps, add in forwards the likes of Silfverberg, Rakell, and Eaves, and it’s only a matter of time until they start paddling – or is it swimming? – their way up the standings. I would expect no less of the Kings, although time is quickly running out on them, and the Bishop deal s... Read More »

Time For Concern in Teal Town?

Posted March 22, 2017
After four straight losses while being out-scored a collective 10-4, are we seeing a team that has not only taken its foot off the gas pedal, but climbed into the backseat? Or is this simply the same Sharks team we see near the end of almost every season, once their playoff berth is virtually assured? Brent Burns has noticeably cooled as teams are shutting down his lanes, newly acquired Jannik... Read More »
I need to say I'm confused lately about all the talk out there that the Sharks would be so much better off against the Oilers than the Ducks, Kings or any of the other hopefuls they might meet in round one. I don't know if people haven't been watching the Oilers in recent months, or if they didn't notice the last game the Sharks played against them, or if they're thinking of last year's Oiler... Read More »
The theme of this post is one I’ll return to regularly -- a recap of current Sharks highlights . . . along with a lowlight or two. So, let's jump to the former, with #1 -- Chris Tierney: It has become evident over the past 20 games or so, that Tierney has developed and matured in poise and vision. He once clearly fit in that “bottom six forward” category (in the league-wide sense), whi... Read More »

Last Stop -- Teal Town?

Posted March 15, 2017
I'll admit, I got a bit nervous as we moved toward the trade deadline, and Jerome Iginla was sitting there like low-hanging fruit, and just the kind the Sharks have enjoyed biting into in the past. It's hard not to notice how disproportionately San Jose has been used (or used itself?) as a way station for players either just past their prime, or a bit further along – many of whom have been gr... Read More »


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