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Oilers Looking to the Future

Posted January 15, 2018
I appologize in advance. I am writing on a different site now and this blog isn't as well structured as it could be. Hopefully it is still worth reading. Oilers Brass is scheduled to meet during the 5 day all start break. They are going to discuss whether there is any hope for them this season. TSN is quoting Chiarelli is not being optimistic about them deciding to be buyers coming into the... Read More »

Oilers Reality

Posted May 24, 2017
The Oilers did great this year and had they played a consistent 60 minutes of hockey, they could have went far but what was the problem? Now obviously the coach comes under the spot light when a team breaks down like this but the Oilers finally made the playoffs so looks like he is going to get another year despite being ridiculously bad. Truth is the Oilers did much better than their should... Read More »
I apologize for the unoriginal title and format of the blog but there really is two levels of bad to the Oiler's situation. The Good The Oilers did better than we all expected them to do. The proved that they could win without a solid blue line (especially in game six). It saw great season's from a bunch of players and confidence that very well might make the careers of guys like Kassian a... Read More »
Since the Oilers seem to eating away the time which we would normally talk about what they will do in the offseason to improve the team for next year by doing amazing in the playoffs. Lets take a quick look at what might, could and will happen. The Oilers are having an extremely successful year. I think many of us remember commenting that we would have been happy if the Oiler just made the pl... Read More »
Plenty of Blame... So lets get started. I am going to take a step back and start with the obvious and the one that you won't hear on TV right now. Chiarelli. Many people will say it is easy to be an arm chair GM and to shout out opinions. Personally I say and I say it to any Oiler fan out there, go right ahead. Shout out what you think, write it, talk about it; share any opinion you have... Read More »


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