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Sunday Morning Coffee

Posted September 6, 2009
I have a hockey draft this afternoon and I'm bored this morning so.......... Leafs traded for the Hawks 2nd round pick next year.They now have a 1st,2nd and 3rd for next season. Phil Kessel here is your offer sheet, the Bruins are over the cap I believe so they are screwed. David Tyree nice catch in the Superbowl, that being said best of luck finding a new job. Harvey's has burger called... Read More »

Saturday Morning Coffee

Posted April 4, 2009
A BIG shout out to my dad Jim Butler Sr who underwent another knee surgery today and is laid up in the hospital for a few days. For those who don't know my Dad he blew his knee out in a mosh pit at my wedding, sadly I'm not joking. So this Sean Avery kid can play hockey. Who knew Who turned the Canes into umm well the Stanley Cup Canes, holy they are into one. The Thrashers are 11-3 in th... Read More »

Saturday Morning Coffee

Posted March 21, 2009
I hate 3 point games, I hate them. Why is a 4-1 win regulation worth a total of 2 points but a 3-2 win in OT worth a total of 3? That is just stupid. Some people hate OV's celebrations, I actually don't mind them for 78 games, the 4 games against the Flyers I'm not a fan. OV's Jimi Hendrix burning stick celebration was for his 50th goal, who cares it was fun so chill you bunch of old ninnies... Read More »

Saturday Morning Coffee

Posted March 14, 2009
The Claude Giroux that everybody has been raving about for 2 years has arrived, enjoy Flyer fans he's special. I don't mean special like Steve Downie either! Did you know that Kari Lehtonen's nickname is "The Hamburgler" he use to eat Mcdonalds before every game in his rookie season. Paul Holmgren please trade for the rights to Josh Harding, he is the answer you seek this off season. N... Read More »

Saturday Morning Coffee

Posted February 21, 2009
Steve Stamkos with the trick last week, welcome to the NHL kid. Alexi Kovalev sent home for being Alexi Kovalev. Sending him home won't work, Alexi is a flake you just have to deal with it. Ain't no party like a Kostitsyn brothers party because a Kostitsyn brother party don't stop. Get those two with the Staal brothers and we have trouble. Have you ever hit black ice while driving, I did... Read More »


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