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For everyone saying Toronto did the worse thing by trading Kaberle I suggest they think again. Burke truly knows who was offered and what he wanted. Worse case scenario is Toronto get 1 year service from him and he leaves. The Leafs current top 6 without Kaberle would amount to Phaneuf, Komisarek, Beauchemin, Schenn, Gunnarson, and Lebda. Which for a rebuilding team is not bad at all.

Brian Burke told TSN on draft day he was offered a 1st round draft pick for another defencemen on the team whoever that was. There are still options for Burke but it won't net as much as Kaberle would. If that is still true the options are still there for him. A player like Gunnarson would not have to be thrown into the fire so quickly if Kaberle was traded.

Kaberle and his agent have requested to resign in Toronto from what is being spread around. If this is true then I think a contract proposal may come soon. So for the mean time give Burke some credit for sticking to his guns. In all honesty to have his services for 1 year would be better than taking on some other teams garbage. If he walks it saves us cap space since we are not acquiring another player in return so when July 1st, 2011 comes around that could mean some extra cash for Burke to spend for a forward he needs.

So Leaf fans keep thinking positive...we never know what will happen and who will win a roster spot at training camp. 82 games is a lot of games to be played and anything can happen.
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There are still options for Burke but it won't net as much as Kaberle would chainsaw dance
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The Toronto Maple Leafs were without the services of Troy Bodie for more than a month due to injury. When asked about the team's chances without Kaberle, head coach Ron Wilson said "There's a huge difference. Here you can get clash royal mod apk it easily with a few clicks. I was thinking we might miss him; I didn't know he would miss as long as he did." The Leafs improved their chances with every win they earned in his absence.
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