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Thomas Kaberle and the Leafs

Posted August 20, 2010
We all know daddy is pissed off cause his son was the center of all trade rumours for the past month. Thomas Kaberle understood if we were not in the playoffs at the time this window would be open and the media circus that Toronto is would be jumping all over it. Thomas loves the city, it's fans and the Team. If Kaberle really did not want to play with the Leafs then why would he have instruct... Read More »

What's wrong in Montreal?

Posted August 17, 2010
So Montreal trade their top AHL prospect goalie to the Lightening for Karri Ramo who is playing in the KHL. Their current top goalie on the team is Alex Auld since Carey Price is not signed with the Habs. So now they have the rights to Ramo and Sanford. So does this mean Sanford and Auld battle for the starters job so long as Price holds out. At this rate Montreal...A drive for 15th is appearing m... Read More »
For everyone saying Toronto did the worse thing by trading Kaberle I suggest they think again. Burke truly knows who was offered and what he wanted. Worse case scenario is Toronto get 1 year service from him and he leaves. The Leafs current top 6 without Kaberle would amount to Phaneuf, Komisarek, Beauchemin, Schenn, Gunnarson, and Lebda. Which for a rebuilding team is not bad at all. Brian Bu... Read More »


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