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With the recent off season waives, trades and signings, the acquisition of Hall and pulling up two other good (supposedly phenomenal) rookies via Eberle and Paajarvi, it looks like the rebuilding of the Oiler’s may be close to complete.

Are they going to be able to go from Dead Last in the league to 8th or higher in the West?

Right now. I’m going to say no .

Here’s why:

1) Sheldon Souray! He’s being a whiny baby and wants out of Edmonton. I can’t blame him that much. Edmonton isn’t the best place to live in the winter. His disdain could definitely help to poison Edmonton’s chances of improving this year.

2) Rookies! Can you really expect all three of these guys to hit the ground running and have a great year right off the bat?

3) Khabibulin! I could easily see him shaken up at the beginning of the season with that DUI charge. It’s more likely that it won’t affect him more than a few games but you can never really predict how these things turn out (Jail!?).

4) Sam Gagne hasn’t signed yet (not to mention Cogliano)! I’m expecting both of these guys to sign – but if they don’t….

If things pan out this season and the Oilers aren’t affected by the above, the risks could really reap some rewards. But I'm not going to bank on it.

I look forward to seeing the Young Stars tournament in a couple weeks. If the Oilers camp dominates, it’s time to watch out in the West.
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