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Edmonton: In the playoffs this season?

Posted September 2, 2010
With the recent off season waives, trades and signings, the acquisition of Hall and pulling up two other good (supposedly phenomenal) rookies via Eberle and Paajarvi, it looks like the rebuilding of the Oiler’s may be close to complete. Are they going to be able to go from Dead Last in the league to 8th or higher in the West? Right now. I’m going to say no . Here’s why: 1) Sheld... Read More »
Hello This is the Moose Review and I’m Buddy Brier Now that it’s September, it’s about time we take a look at the upcoming 2010/11 NHL season We’ll start with my predictions of the teams that make the playoffs for the end of the upcoming season. In the west, I’m predicting the standings will look like this: 1st - Detroit 2nd - Vancouver 3rd - San Jose 4th - Los Angeles... Read More »


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