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"This WAS The Year....FINALLY!"
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Smoke and Mirrors

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Click the link above, read that post first, and then come back and read the rest below. I'll wait......

Finished? Good.

Congratulations to the NY Rangers for their win yesterday in double OT. I thought game 3 was the most closely contested of the 3 games so far (game 1 decidedly Buffalo, game 2 decidedly NY). I would agree with Eklund that more games like that one on national TV would do wonders for the popularity of the sport. It adds to the frustration about Bettman renewing the deal with Versus, but that's a different post.

Yesterday's win brings the Rangers' record to 9-10 against playoff teams in their last 32 games played. 7 of those 9 wins have come against Atlanta and the NY Islanders (the other 2 were yesterday and against Pittsburgh on Mar. 19).

Much like Rangers' fans said after game 1 that the more important game would be game 2, I'm making the same claim here. Game 3 was certainly a must win game for NY, but the pressure shifts back to Buffalo for game 4. Letting the Rangers back into the series would be a mistake. The playoff haul is long and teams needed to finish off opponents as quickly as they can.

I can take solace in the fact that the Sabres haven't played their best game yet in this series and they're up 2-1. I think the best the Rangers can do was on display in game 2, a 3-2 Sabres' win.

I'm looking for a 4-2 Sabres win in game 4.
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like your analysis, and i agree with it
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