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3:01 Pacific Time: NHL Director of Corporate Communications Michael DiLorenzo posts on Twitter: @umassdilo "sundin to canucks" 3:01 Pacific Time: Radio personality Buzz Bishop posts on Twitter: @buzzbishop "just got the press release. it's official SUNDIN IS A CANUCK" 3:06 Pacific Time: TSN posts a short story saying Mats Sundin is a Canuck with few details 3:06 Pacific Time: Alanah McGin... Read More »

Big Bucks in Buffalo not paying off

Posted November 23, 2008
They've paid all the bills, and they've given some key personnel hefty raises, but at the one-quarter mark of 2008-2009, it's not paying dividends for the Buffalo Sabres. It has to be highly disconcerting for Tom Golisano, Darcy Regier, and Co. to witness this promising young core underperform. They have to be scratching their heads, and as the Sabres' losing streak has now reached five games,... Read More »
And, oh yeah, who predicted that? Mind checking my Oct. 2008 archives for my NHL season predictions? Because if I recall, I was nearly crucified by the Hockeybuzz community for my "outlandish" remark that the Canucks would win the Northwest Division. Granted, I know there's a lot of puck to be played, but take a look at those standings, and see if I had any brain in me when I predicted Ca... Read More »
I'm going to play off of the infamous "Ek Factors" for this one, and give you the "Mill Factors" for this game. BTW, before I get started, Ek and his family remains in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Get well soon Ek! [b]Senateurs d'Ottawa[/b] (2-5-1, 14th in conference) at [b]Buffalo Sabres[/b] (6-0-2, 2nd in conference) Monday, Oct. 27, 7 p.m. EST at HSBC Arena [b]... Read More »

Hawks-Wings Live Blog

Posted October 25, 2008
I did a live blog for tonight's Wings/Hawks game...a 6-5 shootout win for Detroit. Transcript is at [url]http://hawkeycentral.windycitizen.com[/url] if anyone would like to check it out. Would love to hear feedback. By the way, good on the Sabres for getting another point out west. I completely missed the game being focused on the Hawks' one, but I followed it on NHL.com Real Time, and you... Read More »

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