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How's your cap fit?

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Ok this is my first blog, didn't know what I wanted to do, but the cap is something that grabs me, the way the different GMs try to handle it. So here goes, Below you will find your team, how many players they have signed to NHL contracts and their open space. I am filling this out with the assumption of 13 forwards and 7 dmen and 2 stoppers per roster. I have tried to search out the most info on salaries as well, I have tried to be as accurate as possible, and will keep my Isle love to myself. Also remember if you want to fill some space with rookies they go for at least 475,000 this season. So here goes:
We'' start with the Northeast Division.

The Boston Bruins
The B's have 12 forwards 4 dmen and 3 goalies signed they have 5.2 mil open for signing 1 f, and 3 d, however you have to believe they will open a little cap space by moving a goalie, (Thomas 1.1) Also they have 2 dmen signed but not presently assigned to the big club (Stuart and Lashoff total 1.5mil).

The Buffalo Sabres
Buffalo has had its hits this off season very well documented, they presently have 10 forwards signed 6 d and 2 goalies with 10.6 mil open to sign the 3 forwards and 1 dman for a full roster. They have 2 players filed for arbitration (Roy and Paetch), so that will fill the d and leave them looking for 2 forwards.

The Montreal Canadiens
Montreals situation is a bit fuzzy but here goes
The Habs have 10 forwards 6 d and 1 goalie signed and assigned to the big club leaving them 10.8 to get the 3 forwards, 1 d and 1 goaltender to fill out the club, however then it gets interesting with minor league assignments. 2 forwards (Chipchura and Kostitsyn are signed and would count 1.7 against the cap if brought up, you would think the Habs will use Halak for their other tender especially at the bargain rate of 500, that he is signed for, oh and Michael Ryder is filed for arbitration. So lets say they call up all 3 minor league contracts and Ryder gets 2.5 for 1 year that would leave them 6.1 to get 1 dman. Hmmm how much did Souray sign for?

The Ottawa Senators
Ottawa has its own unique situation and his name is Ray Emery, heres the logic.
Ottawa has 10 forwards 5 d and 1 goalie signed they have 9.1 million open. They have no players signed but not assigned, and nobody in Arbitration. (SAVE EMERY)So what does Emery get and does Ottawa accept? Lets say he gets 4 that would leave them 5.1 to scoop up 3 forwards and 2 d, now they have a ton of signed talent but you still have to put a full club out there. I see a very young 4th line here.

The Toronto Maple Leafs
OK stay calm they got Blake, sorry. Anyway Toronto is in a very different situation, they are full. Make that overflowing 13 forwards 9 d, thats 9 d, and 2 goalies they sit 1.2 under the cap. So they appear done. they also have another d man's salary to be announced but i think that will be minor league. This could mean waving good bye to Michael Peca and Jeff O'neill. They obviously will move a couple of Dmen down which will open up a little bit of space. So there is some wiggle room in Toronto, they could also move down a forward moving down 3 of the lowest salarys could clear about 1.4 but don't you want a little space under that cap come trade time? Oh my condolences to the Ferguson family on their loss.

I'll do the Atlantic division to wrap this up for my first blog.

The New Jersey Devils
Lou's way or the highway? Lets see, NJ has 10 forwards, 6 d and 2 goalies signed, (yes even they need more then 1, barely) with 12.0 open to add the 3 forwards and 1 dman. Obvioulsy a chuck of this is set to go Parise's way, but after that I have a feeling that the Devils will have a solid nucleus and I think they play some kind of system don't they?

Ok with my head and not my heart, here I go. The Isles have 10 forwards and 5 dmen under contract with 2 goaltenders leaving them 15.9 mil under the cap. Trent Hunter is in Arbitration, I'm thinking 2.5 (similar to Michael Ryder $$$) which would still leave them 13.4 for 2 forwards and 2 d. They also have 2 forwards under contract not counted Nokelainen and Tambellini for a combined 1.8 so thats still 11.6 to fill out the club. I hope my season tix $$$ help!

The New York Rangers
Ok so if I'm an Isles fan I must love the blueshirts right? Again with my head not my heart here goes. The Broadway boys have 10 forwards 7 d and 2 goalies signed but they are OVER the cap by 1.4 million. Avery and Hossa are filed for Arbitration, and they can add some low priced but talented youngsters who are signed to fill out the club, (Callahan, Staal and Girardi for a total of 2 mil) but how do these pieces fit together? Remember every player you move down or out still results in a spot to fill, and you are playing from behind already, if you send down Kasper (almost a givin) and replace him with Girardi you gain you gain 2.4 million that puts you 1 mil under. But you are still short 3 forwards for 1 million, one of the salaries has to go, Cullen has been mentioned if you trade him for a bucket of pucks, (you can't bring back salary) you get up to 3.8 in cap, but now you are short 4 forwards, and Avery isn't comin for the league minimum. So since the Dolans are working with a cap this gets very interesting between now and training camp.

The Philadelphia Flyers
This club has been building since last season, I think it will pay off, but how does the pay work out, here goes. The Flyers have 11 forwards and 7 d with 2 goalies signed they have only 1.3 left under the cap to fill those 2 forwars spots, one of those forwards is probably Ruzicka at 550 leaving them 800 to fill the last spot, but if they need someone at the deadline its salary for salary, something that usually doesn't happen, its usually take our talanted soon to be free agent makin this much. Flyers got a great base to work from though.

The Pittsburgh Penguins
Another team set up real well, and maybe the best of anyone, here is why.
The guins have 12 forwards and 6d with 2 goalies signed they have 9.7 mil open under the cap for 1 forward and 1 dman. Kris Letang looks like the d man at a hit of abou 800 on the cap, 8 million left, you figure that role player to fill, what a luxury to look this over and pick one good piece. Also a ton of cap room for a trade and get ready for 2 years from now when Staal and Malkin become RFA's. A great group of talant and lots of room. Well done.

I'll jump into the remaining divisions later in the week.
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July 15, 2007 4:02 PM ET | Delete
Nice first blog. Obviously every team is not going to spend right up to the cap ceiling (like NYR.) If I were a GM I would like some flexibility. However teams like the Isles still have a lot of work to do. It should be interesting to see how the teams with a lot of cap space respond now that the big name free agents are gone.
July 15, 2007 5:40 PM ET | Delete
Good job on your first blog. As for Philly, expect Denis Gauthier and his $2.1mm cap hit to be gone for picks and prospects, as well as forward RJ Umberger and his $1.15mm hit. the replacements will all be less money, probably totalling no more than a third of what the team clears in shedding Gauthier and Umberger. There's also a remote possibility that Derian Hatcher gets waived to the AHL and off the cap.
July 15, 2007 8:40 PM ET | Delete
I wish the Penguins the worst of luck keeping all their talent. -Not Fair- I always talk about how they'll have trouble, but that blog entry right there makes it seem as though they won't be in too much trouble at all when malkin and staal both demand 6mil/year contracts. They'll just have to lose a couple of the older guys they have now. good blog entry!
July 15, 2007 11:10 PM ET | Delete
buffalo has 11 forwards signed, not 10these are our expected lines (as of now) with unsigned guys in CAPShecht, gaustad, staffordkotalik. connolly, pominvillevanek, ROY, afinagenovPAILLE, mair, ryan (i think he's the one you may have forgot)petersbarring any trades, once we sign roy, paille
July 16, 2007 8:11 AM ET | Delete
Nice blog, you did your homework! I agree with Jsaquella, the Flyers will almost certainly try and get rid of Gauthier and his 2.1 salary. I think they are counting on Hatcher still as a pentalty killer and a guy who can still match up against power forwards, so I don't think he is going anywhere. Also keep in mind the Flyers AHL club plays in Philly and trains at the same facility as the Flyers, this may allow the Flyers to carry just the minimum 20 on their roster and bring players up as needed. They really only to carry an extra player or two on long road trips.
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