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"A Tale of Two Cities"
Auburn, IN • United States •
The Atlanta Thrashers "Sense of Urgency" should have nothing to do with the ownership & their cash problems. The real urgency is in the standings and the Schedule. With 24 games left, now is the time to make a move. After the March 27th game, against the cellar dwelling Ottawa Senators, all the remaining games are against a team that is above them in the standings as of right now. Those last 14 points will not come easy. Luckily, the Sabres & Canes have a similar fate but not a consistent gauntlet of more elite teams.

February is the make or break month for the boys from blueland. Without a doubt the easiest month on the sched and the thrashers have only gotten 3 out of a possible 12 points thus far. Hopefully the second half of the month will bring more joy so we abused thrashers fans can throw it in the hateful little faces of the evil Atlanta Spirit

PS - Atlanta Spirit F-You!
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