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"A Tale of Two Cities"
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Decade of CBA

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Is everybody healing up after the Probert-esk emotional pummeling dealt out by Donald Fehr? Good, now lets hit some high points of todays CBA talk.

I think a 10 year CBA is a horrible idea. That assures a work stoppage in 10 years time. I think if they have a shorter CBA, 4 years with a mutual option for 2 , it will allow the league and players an opportunity to fine tune the yet to be signed CBA. I feel that letting both sides get dug in with grievances for a decade can only cause more problems.

Limiting SPC to 5/7 years makes sense for both the players & the league but I don't like it & neither do the players. The players would win because they will cash in on UFA 2, 3, maybe even 4 times in a career. Owners like it because it takes a large long term liability off there books. I dont believe the players are against the actual limit on contracts, I think they are also against the principal of having terms in the CBA protect the owners from themselves.

Was Gary Bettman really brain hemorrhage mad after the Donald Fehr Double-Take? I think not. He was frustrated at best and the media painted a picture like he was spitting blood. Before his 45 min presser with Bill Daly the media had a total of around 3 minutes of audio and needed more to justify all the hours and travel expenses they had accrued that weekend in NY, so they turned Bettman into Ric Flair bouncing off of the ropes in his boxer shorts. I get it. It sells.

Did Donald Fehr lie? Well, he is a lawyer. It is to be expected. The thing i find most curious about the NY Sideshow was Sidney Crosby and the other players after the 1st Fehr press conference. They were at the Conference table and knew better than Fehr the true mood of the room and was still very confident that the sides were close. Did Capt. Canada really bold face lie to us? Say it ain't so Sid. After the players were called back from there media scrums, before the 2nd Fehr presser, you could see on the face of Crosby that he wished he could take back what he had just told the media. I also believe it was that moment that made him decide that this dirty business wasn't for him & has removed himself from the process for the remainder.
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