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Spruce Grove, AB •
I can't believe no one has commented on this yet. After the huge game 7 disappointment, the Chris Pronger kick to the collective groins of Oilers fans, ticket price increase, injury ravaged, non-puck moving D man of a season, Joffre Lupul single handedly gets the Calgary Flames into the playoffs. I know I'm a little late in posting this, but last nights utter snoozfest agaist the Wings was the ultimate proof I needed that the Colorado Avalanche, the hottest team in the league for the final month and a half or so, not the Flames, who back peddled their way in, should be squaring off against the Wings. But they aren't, and the reason, look no further than Mr. Joffrey Lupul. With the Avs bearing down on the Flames and the Oilers in the midst of an injury laden tank job of unheard of proportions, Joffre Lupul puts the Oilers on his back with just over 2 minutes to play against Colorado, splits the D, and fires a snap shot through Peter (Ned Flanders) Buhdai's pads, sends the game to OT and the Oil win in a shootout - jubilation ensues...JOFFRE! JOFFRE! JOFFRE!!

Now, Joff hadn't scored in the 16 games prior to that moment, and he wouldn't score another goal for the rest of the year - but that goal, at that time, was HUGE - for the Flames. That one point turned out to be the defference between Calgary getting in and Colorado going home....and oh yeah, it moved us ahead of Chicago in the final standings, so it cost us the number one pick too!

Thanks Joff - you're the best
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