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Did anyone see that fight at about 10 minutes or so left in the 3rd period in the Sabres and Blue Jackets game? Talk about a beating. Kaleta literally made contact on pretty much every punch he took and then after the fight he dusted off his hands and the crowd went CRAZY. Let's just say Buffalo had a good night.

Now if anyone has seen my last blog than you know I am a Pittsburgh Penguins fan. I am also a Buffalo Sabres fan, not as much, but I cheer for them as long as they aren't playing the pens. I really think this game tonight was a great win for them. I mean who doesn't love a 5-0 shutout? Especially against the team that isn't necessarily a stick in the mud but they are in a little rut as of right now. Now I don't know if everyone was just hyper tonight but they were going AT IT! I mean there were fights everywhere! Kaleta's being my fave (he is also a buffalo native). Buffalo had 63 of 112 penalty minutes during the entire game. It seems like there is still some fire left in the bellies of the sabres after all!

Their non existent offense finally lit it up tonight. Not having any real big scorers like an Ovie, Crosby, or Stamkos guy, players finally started chipping in....scoring goals at least. And let me tell you Drew Stafford surely was missed. He came back from missing 11 games due to a shoulder injury and tallied a goal and an assist. His goal was mighty pretty too but had a little help from the nice pass by Derek Roy (Buffalo's 2nd leading scorer on the team) Here is the link to his sweet pass:


Go to about 2:25 and Roy makes a sick backhand pass in front of the net and Stafford taps in a nice one timer beautifully! Check out at about 4 minutes to see the beating Kaleta gave to Dorsett.

To add on to how great of a game Stafford had, he intercepted a pass out of the Buffalo Zone. Now I don't know if it really was just that bad of a pass by I believe number 61 on the blue jackets or was Stafford just anticipating it awfully well? Check the link at about 4min and 30 sec. It leads to a pretty easy breakaway by Stafford and almost another goal.

Vanek had a nice little goal also but it was just a nice set up by I think it was Ennis and some other guy (like the details..ha..'some other guy'). Ryan Miller yet again had a pretty good game. He is usually pretty solid every time now. He has been playing well and finally got some help offensively tonight. He also only had to make 19saves which shows you that their defense must of been working pretty well. I thought the Blue Jackets were just sloppy? Just missing passes and just messy play which led to a spark with the Sabres offense tonight.

The Sabres played well...but I mean they don't have anyone to really score the goals that they need. This is what has always bugged me.Thomas Vanek is the leading goal scorer with 10 goals and Derek Roy, who is also the Captain is behind him with 9. Roy has 26pts and Vanek has 21 but is -7. Derek Roy is actually one of my favorite players but lets take a look at points and goals compared to other teams:

Washington Capitals

Alexander Ovechkin- 10g 33pts

Alexander Semin - 18g 31pts

Nicklas Backstrom - 11g 30 points.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Sidney Crosby - 21g 44pts

Kris Letang - 5g 24pts

Evgeni Malkin - 8g 22pts

Philadelphia Flyers

Mike Richards - 9g 25pts

Claude Giroux - 12g 23pts

Jeff Carter - 11g 19pts

Ville Leino - 5g 19pts

Daniel Briere - 12g 18pts

Scott Hartnell - 6g 17pts

(notice that Carter, Leino, Briere, and Hartnell are all around the same amount of points)

Detroit Red Wings

Pavel Datsyuk - 8g 28pts

Henrik Zetterberg - 9g 25pts

Nicklas Lidstrom - 3g 20pts

Todd Bertuzzi - 4g 18pts

Danny Clearly - 12g 18pts

Johan Franzen - 11g 18pts

(notice Lidstrom, Bertuzzi, Clearly, and Franzen are all around the same amount of points)

Chicago Blackhawks

Patrick Sharp - 16g 29pts

Patrick Kane - 11g 27pts

Jonathan Toews - 11g 22pts

Marian Hossa - 8g 18pts

Dallas Stars

Brad Richards - 11g 29 pts

Loui Eriksson - 10g 25pts

Mike Ribeiro - 4g 22pts

James Neil - 10g 22pts

I mean these are obviously the better teams this year but they have so much DEPTH! The Sabres Depth just starts off well with Roy and Vanek(shaky) and just kind of plunges down. But I guess that is the same with every other struggling team out there. I have faith though, I think they will work their way out of it and make the playoffs this year. Yes I know its a risky thing to say but I believe they will.

A new owner? What?

I think it'll be great for the Sabres. Everyone seems to be really excited. Share your thoughts!

Also from the comments of my last blog;

-Yes I am sick of dolphins, sun, sand and warm weather. It would be nice not walking outside and instantly sweating because of ridiculous humidity and also a change of seasons would be nice. Plus old retired people living down here gets a little old. Not to mention everyone looks like they stepped out of an ed hardy store. ha!

-I was aware that Max Talbot's dive was a little tripping, falling down, and deciding to block the shot while he was there *ish. ha! I just wanted to make it sound really good! But actually I looked over it a few more times and it did seem like more of a mistake then purposely.

-I will try not to just write about the teams I am routing for! If anyone wants me to cover a specific game, i'd be glad to do so. Sometimes I get a little one sided being a Pens fan and a Sabres fan. I usually don't include the other teams style of play which is something I am working on in my blogs.

http://sabres.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=545374&navid=DL|BUF|home (feel free to check out the link for more postgame on the sabres)

Until next time...

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