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There are 2 potential upsets in this years stanley cup playoffs. Two of which would be rather large to some, especially one New York Islanders. Besides this year, what series (in any round) do you think was the biggest upset in history?

I would have to say the 1982 series between the Kings and the Oilers. The Kings finished with just 63 points, compared to 111 points earned by the Oilers. Thats a 48 point differential and the Kings some how found a way past Gretzky and the Oilers.
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Well, I submitted a long post about the Sharks upsetting the Red Wings in the first round of the 1994 series, but hockeybuzz ate it. Ah well, this article does it justice anyway:http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app?articleid=284811
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And hockeybuzz won't let me delete the above comment, either. Obviously I mean to say the first round series of the 1994 playoffs.
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Interesting....This year, 63 points would have got you into the draft lottery for first overall pick, not a playoff spot...how things change....
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Totally agree.. Kings-Oilers in '82 was unheard of. One could argue however that the Kings didn't beat the Oilers so much as the Oilers beat themselves...
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