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The only thing the Islanders did good tonight was save the embarassment. The score (4-1) was a lot better then I thought it would be and still the Sabres crushed them. Dubielewicz was the only player on New York actually keeping his team in the game. The Sabres outshot them, out hit them, out scored them, and simply out played them. It was a well deserved and expected win by the Sabres but, in my opinion, they could've went even harder.

The score could've easily have been 7-1 or 8-1 but Buffalo played a great defensive game and eased up towards the end and made sure they were leaving the game allowing no more than one goal against.

With the way things went tonight, Buffalo fans better travel to Long Island next week with their brooms because it doesn't look very promising for the New York Islanders.

However there are a few players that deserve credit for this team. Wade Dubielewicz and Ryan Smyth, that's it. They need a better team effort. But as a Leaf fan, keep it up Buffalo!
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nice blog..thanks for the compliments!
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buffalo is just the best TEAM right now in the league, the Islanders had a lot of good things going for them this year and kudos for making the playoffs, but even as they improve, they need to make a leap into a new level of hockey, confidence and execution wise. I think Ted Nolan's done a good job and even in today's game he smartly commented on how this game was a stepping stone in the series, even as they were down on the scoreboard.
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