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"Gosse-ip Column"
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OK. We knew Beauchemin and Versteeg was top of the trade list for the Leafs, but whose next? Obviously, Burke has to trade Kaberle before the 28th of February or he will lose him for nothing come July 1st. Kaberle is gone then, that's for sure.

So, where's Kab going? Well, pretty easy to guess considering Kab's agent gave Burke only one team to talk to - the Boston Bruins. And guess where Burkie is tonight? That's right - Boston. The deal is being worked out right now if you ask me.

Chiarelli stated last week that his priority remains adding a puck-moving defenseman, and Savard's cap space may be better served filling that need.

On a Boston radio station today, Burke confirmed that he is in trade discussion with Boston but declined to define the focus of those talks. He did say that he is not negotiating to get back the first-round draft pick that Toronto sent to the Bruins in the Phil Kessel deal.

Because Burke has no choice but to get SOMETHING for Kab now, let's look at what the Bruins may be willing to deal.

Blake Wheeler's name keeps popping up. Boston would have to throw something in with him like a 2nd or 1st (but it won't be the 1st the Leafs traded to them for Kessel).

What else could they do? Who else on the Bruins would Burkie want? Well, the Leafs need strength in the middle of the ice. Even though Wheeler is a big guy and has played centre in the past, he's a winger and not a real fast one at that. Wheeler is American, which Burke likes though.

This still doesn't answer the question. So, Burke will want Wheeler and another player that can play right away or that elusive 1st round pick to package a deal for Penner or Zajec.

Back to Boston. Chiarelli is not interest in prospects - he wants to win now before Thomas is too old. I think Burke will have to settle for whatever Chiarelli wants to give him. Like I said, Burke's hands are tied. Chiarelli will use his high draft picks to go after Brad Richards or Hemsky and, with the addition of that elusive puck moving defenseman in Kaberle, will make a run for the cup this year.

Looks promising for Boston - Not so much so for Toronto.
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