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"Gosse-ip Column"
ON • Canada • 47 Years Old • Male
Sorry guys. But my first blog in awhile is going to be somewhat negative. I also have to disclose that I'm a Leafs fan. Now with that out of the way, to the point at hand.

With Hasek wanting to return to the NHL (NHL or bust according to him) at 47 and the Leafs needing a veteran goaltender to backup Reimer (or Scrivens?) maybe there's a fit? Why not give him a try at training camp and, if it works out, they could offer him a one-year two-way contract. Best-case scenario is that Hasek works out, plays 30 games, and teaches the young goalies a thing or two. Worst-case scenario is he flops, gets sent down to the Marlies as Srivens’ backup. Still passing on some valuable knowledge.

I have to say that if the NHL locks out the Players I'm not going to be a happy camper..er..er.. hockey fan. Having been a Leafs fan for about 35 years and watching the Leafs not win a Cup since I was 3 years old (actually I probably didn't watch the 67 game and, if I did, don't remember it) and be the only team to not make the playoffs since the last lock-out, I could become very negative towards my team and hockey in general, I recall cheering for the Blue Jays back in the 80's and early to mid 90's and then the lock-out. It's never been the same for me, and with the Jays not winning, there's nothing to drag me back.

Well, I came back after the last NHL lockout bit I'm getting very tired. This could be a bitter divorce between the Leafs (NHL) and me. After 35+ years an NHL lockout could turn me from my team ( Burke is not helping either). Maybe this will have the same effect on many others too. The NHL may be wise to take some lessons from baseball and do everything it can to make a deal with the players, the fans, and us old Maple Leaf fans.

~~~thanks for the comments guys love getting peoples thoughts and opinions~~~

~ W G ~
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