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Feeling the Heat

Posted 2:38 AM ET | Comments 2
Since I am from Buffalo and now live in Illinois, you would think I would enjoy the Spring time heat that has finally found its way to the Midwest, but I am feeling the heat due to this playoff season and I am not enjoying it. I am feeling so stressed during these Sabres games, it is incredible. What other Sabres fans feel this? I haven't felt like this in the playoffs until this year. The expectations for the team to succeed are immense. The Sabres usually get some separation from the other team in the playoffs, at least during a couple games in a series. This year every game is a nail biter. I hate to know what my blood pressure is during these games. I am physically spent after each game, win or lose. Why is this? I think these web sites have intensified the desire for "my" team to succeed. All the articles, bloggers, and input from other fans have built this years playoffs up to a frenzy. Also, the fact that the Sabres most likely will lose Drury or Briere this offseason along with the talent that is developing in Pittsburgh make me believe this is the best chance the Sabres have at winning it all.

After following this team since the early 70's and never reaching the promised land it is making this playoff season more stressful and less enjoyable for me. I feel like a masochist looking forward to Fridays game. It could be brutally painful, but I am glad it is at home and I hope the Sabres start feeling the heat because that seems like the only time they pick up their game. The lack of motivation and desperation they have shown is maddening. Anyway, instead of Friday night being the end of a stressfull week at school and work, it may just be another stressful few hours watching the Sabres underachieve. By the way, listening to Brian Englom on Versus only adds to the frustration. Well, I am ready for a few days of rest and relaxation knowing there won't be a game until Friday to make me pull my hair out!!
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May 2, 2007 8:24 AM ET | Delete
Too bad the actual Sabes don't "feel the heat" like you until they're down two goals iwth 10minutes left.
May 2, 2007 12:31 PM ET | Delete
Learn to disconnect yourself from the game. Being from Philly I've seen more missed chances and bad breaks then I've wanted and I'm only 30. After the 9-1 blowout you guys gave us in October, I learned to disconnect my emotions from the game.Look at it this way, things happen, your Sabres and favored to win it this year. Maybe it happens maybe it doesn't. Enjoy the ride if they don't win it this year maybe they'll have less expections on them next year and they'll win it. It takes talent AND luck. Luck you can draft or trade for or coach.Just enjoy the game, it will only get more tense as they progress. good luck and remember to breath. = )
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