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I used to love Showdown between periods on HNIC. Here is the 1978 final between Perreault and Ric MacLeish. Enjoy oldtimers!! http://archives.cbc.ca/programs/2390-15688/page/1/ Read More »
Michael Peca yearns to be a Sabre, and the Sabres need a center who can win faceoffs, kill penalties and add leadership. I guess the question is, should the Sabres sign Peca or wait and see if there is a younger, healthier center that can be had later on after the arbitration hearings are complete? Does Darcy Regier believe it is time for the younger players such as Derek Roy, Thomas Vanek, Ma... Read More »
[b]I am just curious to know what are the number of back to back games your teams are sentenced to play next year? The Sabres get to play 20 back to back games. Just under a quarter of their schedule. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess the Leafs, Senators and Canadians were protected in this way. I guess this is the way the NHL gets back at certain teams for their previous years indiscre... Read More »
The NHL Awards show has too strong a Canadian flavor to it. We, who grew up on the border appreciate it. But, if the NHL wants the game to appeal more to the casual fan in the states they have to make these events more cross cultural. If I'm someone who knows a little bit about the game, a show like the one last night would keep me following the more American sports like football, basketball, etc.... Read More »
The Sabres’ past season and the final episode of the Sopranos have a few things in common. The Sabres built up the hopes and dreams of the City of Buffalo for its first ever significant national championship. We, Sabres fans, have seen this team develop over the years with big wins, strong efforts and winning streaks that led to the best record in the NHL’s regular season this year. The Presid... Read More »

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Gilbert PerraultChris DruryThomas VanekMaxim AfinogenovJoe SakicVal James

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Darcy TuckerChris Neal

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-Going to my first Sabres game in the 1976 playoffs when the Sabres beat the St. Louis Blues in overtime to win the series on a goal by Don Luce-Scoring my first hat trick as a 10 year old in my house league- Going Undefeated as a young player- Being recruited to play at a local high school- Getting Danny Gare's autograph in 1976

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In the day I was a big, offensive defenseman. I guess Shane Weber of the Predators

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