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In The Net(rookie debut)

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This edition of In The Net hockey blog focuses on the Really, Really, Bad; the Really, Really, Good; Shame Shame; Good For You!(nice prices on eBay); Hockey In The Strangest Places; Mother's Day Giveaway. Sponsored by www.SportsGiftNets.com - In life it really is the little things.. here, they all add up to a great gift for the sports fan!

Thank you HockeyBuzz for giving us the best hockey talk on the Internet and our own My(hockey)Space!


The entertaining, very likeable, goal-scoring machine Alex Ovechkin not in the playoffs.

The Avalanche not able to get their 100-point captain Joe Sakic(see below) into the playoffs - something they've done every year since 93/94.

Speaking of not making the playoffs - umm, Canadiens and Maple Leafs. As a hockey fan(Rangers) from the U.S. this upsets me. I can only imagine how my northern neighbors feel.

Ilya Kovalchuk not in the top 5 in goal scoring. What is going on down there in the Big A? The Thrashers in the playoffs for the first time aside - something is going to give soon between coach Hartley and Kovalchuk.

In the "All I'm asking for is a little respect" category, the Predators are a top 5 team in the league that nobody cares about. It seems all anyone talks about is the new powerhouse Sabres, the old-standby Red Wings, Sharks and the once mighty Ducks. Hey Tennesseeans - go watch your team play!


Sidney Crosby and his league-leading 120 points carries the once lowly Penguins into the playoffs... with a bit of help from super rookies Evgeni Malkin and Jordan Staal. Ahhh, to be a Penguins fan.

In a young man's game, oldies-but-goodies Joe Sakic and Teemu Selanne still tore things up with 100 points and 48 goals(3rd in NHL) respectively.

The three New York area teams(Devils, Islanders, Rangers) make the post season together for the first time in a long time. Not sure all hockey fans would agree this is a "really, really, good" thing though.

Vincent Lecavalier nets 52 goals, more than any other this season. Its a case of, where there's good there's bad, as the casual hockey fan is like - Vinny who? Same deal goes for the 100-point man, Marian Hossa.


Someone on eBay recently tried to pass off your standard Wayne Gretzky Rangers pro jersey for a 98/99 game-worn. Good to see no one fell for it, as it only sold for $167.50.


While on the eBay subject, a couple of sellers netted some good prices recently:

$256 for an inaugural Minnesota Wild puck(pink) - a special Valentine's Day giveaway
$250 for 2 Sidney Crosby Upper Deck Vinyl figures - All-Star versions home and away

HOCKEY IN THE STRANGEST PLACES(at least its somewhere!)

Hotel Dusk video game for the Nintendo DS portable game system. Several small references, including a hockey stick in the hotel's main office, show that the tough-talking, slightly slobby owner is much the hockey fan.

Hockey in romance novels? "Body Check" by Deirde Martin and "See Jane Score" by Rachel Gibson. The NHL will take any props they can get as spokeswoman Bernadette Mansur told the NY Post, "We're thrilled. Given the handsome players and their good character, it's not surprising."


As I've just mentioned hockey books and women, www.SportsGiftNets.com includes these subjects as well in their Mother's Day giveaway(no purchase required). The new sports gift company has just set up shop and is offering a nice prize package for the hockey girl in your life: Hockey & High Heels book by Lisa Ovens(I highly recommend); "No Hockey/No Happy t-shirt; Hockey Mom stick-on emblem; team novelty/collectible.
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