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[b]JUST FOR CHRISTMAS[/b] NEW ITEM for Christmas this year is NHL candy cane ornaments! A nice change from your standard ball tree-hanging. Made by Forever Collectibles these great-looking candy canes measure about 5" tall. Not only good for decorating the tree, but for dressing up your wrapped gifts etc. One problem though, so far the manufacturer only produced them for eight of the thirty... Read More »


Posted July 22, 2007
Soft. Stops to admire his passes. And a lot of choice words I won't use here have been used to describe Petr Nedved. Now, by no means I am I big Nedved fan, but I have to give him some props when no one else has - especially now that the NHL has given up on him, forcing him to play overseas. As a longtime Rangers fan, when he first came to New York you saw a bit of the negative things people t... Read More »


Posted May 26, 2007
Please, please tell me I'm not alone in this, in that every team has that one player who makes you cringe every time he steps on the ice. You wonder how he is even in the NHL and why, oh why does he have to be on your team. I have a solution... sort of. We can have us some fun! In my case as a Rangers loyal and true, that player is defenseman Marek Malik(you know what I'm talking about Range... Read More »

In The Net(rookie debut)

Posted April 16, 2007
This edition of [b]In The Net[/b] hockey blog focuses on the Really, Really, Bad; the Really, Really, Good; Shame Shame; Good For You!(nice prices on eBay); Hockey In The Strangest Places; Mother's Day Giveaway. Sponsored by [url]www.SportsGiftNets.com[/url] - [i]In life it really is the little things.. here, they all add up to a great gift for the sports fan![/i] Thank you HockeyBuzz for givi... Read More »

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