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Sabres and Saturdays

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So here we are with another Saturday loss. (Don't worry, I'm not panicking over a 3-2 loss anytime soon...) One thing I've noticed over the season was the lack of real grit or passion when playing on Saturdays. I went back through all of the games and the Sabres were a disappointing 10-13-3 when playing on Saturdays (including the loss to NYI)

I'm not a superstitious guy or anything, but certainly the effort is not there on Saturdays, for whatever reason. Some of these losses were to teams like the Washington Capitals (4-7), NY Islanders (3-5), Senators (1-4, 1-3), Leafs (1-4), Lightning (2-3), and even an OT loss to the Blues. I don't know if it's a case of "working for the weekend", but it's lazy at best. And I'm honest enough of a fan to call it like it is and say that the effort on most Saturday nights is truly lacking.

I'm looking forward to the rest of this series with the Islanders because I know that a "rag-tag" group of guys who play with heart can accomplish great things. (As last year's Sabres playoff run proved...) It's unfortunate that right now, the Islanders look like the team with heart and passion, and the Sabres are playing like it's some type of David vs. Goliath event.

Looking forward to Lindy turning up the oven temp and heating up the kitchen!
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