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Like every fan who bleeds blue and white, I want nothing more than an invitation to the post season dance. I find myself dreaming of big trades and drawing up new lines all in hopes of filling the void of playoff absence. Then it happens.... A moment of clarity! I heard it summed up well today, Brian Burke didn't spend the last 4 years re-building this organization with youth and prospect to trade it all away.

Burkie  has positioned this organization with a future. Something frankly leafs nation has no concept of. The issue of course is that the fans in Toronto must lean on the one virtue they have run out of, patience. No true fan of the Maple leafs has it in them to say or do nothing while the team sits outside the top 8 in the east. In fact this drive fuels am radio, news paper sports sections, and 3 television stations that are producing trade deadline shows. 

The impatience of the blue and white faithful  is one of the most powerful sports influences in the world. What else is to be expected in the "Hockey Mecca". In the end we are still hungry and Lord Stanley's cup is the only thing that will calm the beast. The truth is no single trade deadline move will grant us the cup this year. Stay the course. 
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