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18 left 14 to win!!

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I kept hearing all abound today by mass intelligence that is Toronto sports radio, how tough the leafs last 18 games are.

So I decided to look at the schedule and to my surprise it's not even bad, it's actually exactly what you would ask for if you could ask for it. Keeping in mind of course this is the NHL and you have to play different teams throughout the year. Clearly Edmonton 18 games straight would be the most ideal.

Logically the leafs are out, hell they can't even scrape a single win together. This next section and this blog all together is illogical and unrealistic but that's the way it has to be. 

18 games left 

18 games ALL in the eastern conference 

8 vs teams lower than us in the standings

6 games vs "elite" teams 

4 games vs team we are chasing 

Now let's work our way back up to 14 wins, the 4 games vs teams we are chasing are the most important games, we have to win these flat out, no 3 pt games. 4 wins 

8 games vs teams lower than us in the standings by all account teams that just aren't as good as us. Another set of games we have to win, but let's allow for 1 loss here. 3pt games are totally acceptable. 7 wins. 7+4 = 11 wins.

That leaves 6 games vs elite teams 2 vs Bruins, 2 vs the Flyers, 1 vs the Rangers, and 1 vs the Penguins. We need to split the Bruins and Flyers games 2 wins 2 losses and lets either beat the Penguins or the Rangers, one or the other. That gives us 3 wins .500 against these teams and 3 pt games are totally acceptable. 3 wins. 3+11=14.

All we have is hope, so let's hope we finally get a hot goaltender and this dream comes to fruition. 
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