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Once again the league is featuring the Penguins in the Winter Classic. If this doesn't show that Bettman's favorite team is the Pens then I don't know what does.
I get the feeling he thinks Cindy is the only marketable player in the NHL because everything he does somehow seems to involve him or his team. I would rather see another Max Talbot "you can call me superstar" commercial than anything that Crosby has done.
While the game they played against Buffalo was good, I thought last years game at Wrigley was heads above it.
I personally would like to see another Original 6 or even the next 6 in the Classic. A NY/Mtl or NY/Bos or Bos/Mtl or Det/Mtl something like that using throwback uniforms. I would much rather see that then to see Cindy once again being all that is talked about on air.
As for Bettman saying that this is the best rivalry now, it is obvious he has never been to a NYR/NYI, NYR/NJD or NJD/PHI game. Those are more of a rivalry than Wash/Pitt. My word to Gary is Go see the other teams play it might surprise you that there are teams north east west and south of Pittsburgh.
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