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Once again the league is featuring the Penguins in the Winter Classic. If this doesn't show that Bettman's favorite team is the Pens then I don't know what does. I get the feeling he thinks Cindy is the only marketable player in the NHL because everything he does somehow seems to involve him or his team. I would rather see another Max Talbot "you can call me superstar" commercial than anyth... Read More »
While listening to HTM on XM radio this morning on my way to work, Ron Rimmer made mention that people were complaining about the Winter Classic. Didn't hear why but it made me think. If this is going to be an every year event, what can be done to spice it up. First thing I thought was make it an Original 6 matchup every year. We have Det v Chi this year so why not Rangers v Boston or Tor v Mon... Read More »

Just when we thought this was over

Posted July 18, 2008
Just when we thought the website war between the NHL and the NY Rangers was finished, the Rangers have struck back. According to Newsday [url]http://www.newsday.com/sports/hockey/rangers/ny-sprang0718,0,5919151.story?track=rss[/url], the Rangers have asked the US District Judge to dismiss the case. here is the article. [i]Madison Square Garden Thursday asked a U.S. District Court judge... Read More »


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