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Has it came to the time when Canadian hockey fans have forgotten what the sport is really about?

Canadians are the first to say they love the game of hockey more than any other. Then why can't we show it then by having a little class!? Or at least a little more class than rioting, burning police cars and vandalizing parts of downtown Vancouver. This morning on CNN.com the headline story was, "Bruins win Cup; riots rock loser city."

Typically the winning of the Stanley Cup would be hardly noteworthy on an American news network, but when there is rioting after just because some fans cannot have class and admit defeat, it suddenly becomes more popular news.

The current trend in Canadian hockey seems to be: Its ok to riot after a win or a loss. Where has this idea came from? If anyone has seen the movie "Canadian Bacon" they will remember the Canadian hockey fans starting a full out battle royal in the area over a comment about beer. Has it really progressed to Canadian fans being what Hollywood says we're like?

If Canadians really are the biggest fans of hockey in the world, we should be able to stand at the end of a long series such as the Vancouver/Boston series and at least clap for the winning team. Its not like the team that won is very foreign, all most all of Boston's players are Canadian.

No wonder the league is more intent on expanding the game than moving teams back to Canada because how does this make the NHL look?

I would like to say, any fan that participated in the riots or acts following game 7, you are no fan of hockey. Thank you for embarrassing the country of Canada, and making every real hockey fan look like a pissed off drunk teenage who just wants to destroy some public property. Next time when there is a hockey game in time (regardless of level) please stay at home. If you feel the urge to riot and destroy your house, go right ahead.
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