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rwrusso writes...

Classless Philly

Posted Tuesday | Comments 0
You can usually count on one or the other, but tonight we've been treated to both. Classless Flyer players and fans. Not only have the Flyers decided to run Huet every chance they get, but the fans are at their best with a loud and clear @sshole chant. Even Briere has decided to scum it up. And you wonder why Philadelphia sports fans have a reputation. It's hard to res...
Tyler.Oke writes...

Canadian Fans = Classless?

Posted Thursday | Comments 0
Has it came to the time when Canadian hockey fans have forgotten what the sport is really about? Canadians are the first to say they love the game of hockey more than any other. Then why can't we show it then by having a little class!? Or at least a little more class than rioting, burning police cars and vandalizing parts of downtown Vancouver. This morning on CNN.com ...


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