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2013 Years Old • Male
Hey. Whatsup?
I'm mostly writing this blog as amusment for myself because I am sick today, and my Satelite is broken.
I'm going to predict the standings for the rest of the season, for the whole East, using my magically new-developed formula called guessing with prior knowledge.
Here we go!

Winners in bold
OT loser in italics

Devils Avalanche
Sabres Maple Leafs
Islanders Canadiens
Rangers Lightning
Flyers Penguins
Bruins Capitals
Senators Hurricanes
Thrashers Panthers
Maple Leafs Islanders
Penguins Rangers
Thrashers Flyers
Blues Canadiens
Capitals Predators
Lightning Sabres
Rangers Devils
Hurricanes Thrashers
Capitals Blackhawks
Canadiens Bruins
Blues Senators
Lightning Penguins
Hurricanes Panthers
Islanders Devils
Rangers Flyers
Maple Leafs Sabres
Capitals Thrashers
Bruins Canadiens
Maple Leafs Senators
Lightning Panthers
Devils Penguins
Islanders Flyers
Penguins Islanders
Senators Canadiens
Senators Sabres
Penguins Devils
Capitals Hurricanes
Flyers Rangers
Bruins Maple Leafs
Panthers Lightning
Maple Leafs Bruins
Devils Rangers
Sabres Senators
Islanders Penguins
Capitals Lightning
Thrashers Panthers
Flyers Devils
Thrashers Hurricanes
Canadiens Sabres
Senators Bruins
Canadiens Maple Leafs
Flyers Islanders
Capitals Panthers
Hurricanes Lightning
Rangers Penguins
Bruins Sabres
Penguins Rangers
Thrashers Lightning
Devils Islanders
Hurricanes Capitals
Panthers Thrashers
Sabres Maple Leafs
Canadiens Senators
Bruins Devils
Lightning Hurricanes
Flyers Penguins
Rangers Islanders
Lightning Capitals
Senators Maple Leafs
Sabres Canadiens
Islanders Rangers
Devils Flyers
Panthers Hurricanes
Bruins Senators
Sabres Bruins
Maple Leafs Canadiens
Panthers Capitals
Lightning Thrashers
Rangers Devils
Penguins Flyers

So, here are the standings:

New Jersey: 101 ( 47)
Ottawa: 101 (46)
Carolina: 91
Canadians: 101 (44)
Pittsburgh: 99
Rangers: 93
Sabres: 92
Bruins: 91
Capitals: 89
Leafs: 87
Panthers: 86
Islanders: 82
Thrashers: 78
Lightning: 71

For all of you who check through every single game and notice I'm missing a few, that is because I accidentally deleted a few. Don't worry, I factored them all in.

I leave it to you to dispute this, because what fun would it be if we all agreed?
Also, I am interested to hear you own top eight, and a playoff breakdown from you.
That would be cool.
And no trolling, or I will be extremely dissapointed in you young men and women.

- LS

And now for the meaning of life:

The meaning of life is...

Well, folks, thats all the time we have for now, but check next blog to read the rest of this story, on next weeks version of:
Chronicles of A Man Going Slightly Mad and Madly Bored.

Thank you, and goodnight!
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