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"I'm not a know-it-all, I'm just opinionated"
Wernersville, PA • United States • 43 Years Old • Male
Hey there to all my hockeybuzz brethren and sistren (is that a word? Sure, why not). So, this isn't a normal blog or anything just a call for help. I know that alot of you out there in hockeybuzz-land live in the greater Toronto area, and alot of the others have visited the area. So, my wife and I are making our first ever trip to the Toronto are in a couple weeks and other than the HHOF, I have no idea what to do up there. So basically I'm looking for some tips what you guys as to what we just really shouldn't miss. We are only going to be up there for a 3 day weekend and my wife really wants to spend a day (or at least part of a day) in Niagara Falls. Let me know your ideas for can't miss things to do in Toronto. Thanks in advance!

NOTE: I'm sorry to anyone who read this or commented on it the other day when I posted it. I just realized that never added any tags so it took a while to post and it's completely gone now and I'm still looking for help. So, my apologies!
July 17, 2008 9:57 AM ET | Delete
When I posted this the other day, a couple people were nice enough to recommend that we check out the CN tower, which we will do if the weather is nice. Wonderland (I think that's what it was called) was also recommended, but we're not real big ammusement park fans, so that's probably out. So, basically I'm looking for fun casual things to do in Toronto, maybe great places to eat or just places to hang out or do some sightseeing. Keep in mind we only have a couple days and we are definitely going to the HHOF! Thanks in advance for your help!!
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