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I am a Canucks fan and I look at their current roster and I can't help but think someone's gotta go.

Baertschi (though still unsigned assumed he's a lock for the team)

Thats 13 one-way contracts at forward and team management saying they want to give Virtanen a shot, and the fact that only 3 of those 13 are centers meaning they need to either add a 4th line center or have some of their prospects battle for the spot. Ether way that's 15 forwards.

This means that even if they start Virtanen in the minors the Canucks still have to move atleast one of their forwards before the start of the season. Based on that I would like to make up some possible trade ideas.

I'm gonna start this by saying I'm a Canucks fan and I love my team so I may over value some of my home team players. Being said I don't think the Canucks are going to do very well in 2015-2016 so I may be looking to the future a bit. I also don't believe more than one or 2 of these should be done, and honestly have no reason to believe any of them will be done.

Trade 1

Canucks trade
Alex Burrows
retain 1 million per season
Winnipeg trade
1st rnd pick 2016

Burrows would probably accept a trade to Winnipeg, he enjoyed his time there when he played in the AHL.

The Jets are a budget team who have lots of solid prospects. Burrows would help them move to the next level mentoring the young players while playing solid defensive hockey (hopefully replacing Frolik)
With the Canucks retaining the salary he will cost the Jets 3mil this season and 2 next which is easily within their budget.

Canucks get roster flexibility and a pick probably somewhere in the high teens or low 20s

Trade 2
Canucks trade
Chris Higgins
Nick Bonino

Penguins trade
Brandon Sutter
Brian Dumoulin
3rd rnd pick 2016 (Possibly Vancouver's)

Penguins get a much more affordable 3rd line center option and a winger who could thrive with Crosby or Malkin

Best case for the Canucks, Sutter thrives under a change of scenery and thrives as the Canucks 2nd line center. Worst case: he sucks and walks after one bad season and the Canucks gain other assets and cap space.

Trade 3
Canucks trade
Jannick Hansen
Chris Higgins

Bruins trade
Loui Erickson
NYI 2nd rnd pick 2016

Bruins replace Erickson and a bottom player like Rinaldo with to Solid top 2 players and save about 100,000 in cap space. (Canucks could also retain some of Higgins salary as a sweetener but I would hope not)

Erickson could score a bunch of goals and help the Canucks battle for a playoff spot. Or he could be traded at the deadline for a pick if the season goes south.

Trade 4
Canucks trade
Radim Vrbata
(retain 2mil of sal)

Canadiens trade
Mtl 2nd rnd pick 2016
Min 2nd rnd pick 2016

The Habs need scoring. Vrbata scores goals
The Canucks need prospects the Habs have 2 2nd rnd picks.

Trade 5
I can see the possibility of many trades involving Higgins or Hansen for a 2nd-3rd round pick from atleast a dozen teams in need of solid wingers.

I think all of these trades make the Canucks better in the future by giving them an asset and giving more ice time to the younger players currently in the organization.
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July 28, 2015 11:38 AM ET | Delete
trade 2 with a little different add ins was it...impressive by u !!
July 28, 2015 6:45 PM ET | Delete
ya, good call on the second one. I would love to see Vrbata or Burrows traded at deadline to a contending team with some cap space. I think we could pick up a decent pick for one of those guys. We could probably "sell" Vrbata quite easily considering he has one year left on his contract.
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