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Andrei Markov and MTl

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With Andrei Markov out of the lineup Montreal has struggled on the power play switching between who was scoring goals ( Camelleri, Subban, Wisniewski) they just couldn't get the puck in the net on the power play as much as they could have. With Markov coming back in the line up If he plays healthy and like he used to for Montreal look for Subban, Cammy, Plekanec goal counts to rise with Markov excellent passing skills. Montreal's Powerplay should be in the top Ten in the league with Markov playing a full season. When Markov plays close to 82 games he can get 60-68 points which would also help out with Subban's playing ability and Cammy's goals and Plekanec's points as well. with Markov playing a whole season Plekanec will break 60 points easy but the real goal here is 70 from him. Cammy playing uninjured (he missed 17 games) he should be good for around 60+ points and Kostitsyn to have his best season yet but I don't know what to expect from him with Max coming back as well . A lot is riding on Markov to be healthy and play as good as before if not better i doubt montreal will be able to pick someone as good as Wisniewski half way through the year. If Markov plays as good as he did before it would have been a good choice to keep him over Wisniewski but if he gets injured or doesn't play well Wisniewski would have been a better choice

Final words: Watch out for buffalo this year they look better than ever
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