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TML: First off I expect Toronto to come around 9th or 10th in the east this year coming yet again shy of a playoff spot. The key factors in them Making the playoffs would be Kessel Getting 70+ points Grabovski getting 60+ and Clarke Macarthur getting 60+ points. Also some all star defense from Schenn and Phaneuf toronto might have a strong team . Complete this along with a Henrik Lundqvist shutout style performance in net from james reimer toronto May be able to make the playoffs and may make it past the first round.
MTL:  I expect Montreal to be around 4th or 5th in the east this year. Montreal is one of those teams who is getting better year after year maybe slower than edmonton but with the addition of the power forward (Cole) they needed so desperately who knows what montreal's offense could be. The one thing i could see happening is markov not playing as well as he normally does or he gets injured again (read 1st post) this would be devastating to montreal's team and power play as a lot is on Markov to play well.
Cammy we have yet to see him put up numbers like he did before probably because there is no Iginla or Kopitar on his team to help but with Markov coming back and playing healthy and strong Cammy's numbers should be much much higher. 
Ok So for montreal to be a cup contender and not just a playoff contender. They need to Trade away Gomez or Gionta for someones first round pick we need to draft a prospect who will be a offensive superstar (80+ points) its as simple as that we need that one superstar to succeed. It marvels me that montreal with solid all around team in every aspect of the game ( penalty kill, power play, even strength) can do so well without huge name forwards one of the big reasons is Carey Price. He is top 5 in the league and hes only 23. He is one of very few (Fluery) who can just start there nhl career right when they are drafted. I don’t think montreal expected him to be that good when they drafted him but also you have to realize montreal drafted him 5th overall so doesn’t that just go to show higher draft picks help?
Ok i'm done saying what i'm saying hopefully you enjoy
Final Words: Flyers and bruins will be dropping in the standings look for Montreal and buffalo to fill those up quickly
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