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Some Reasonable Trades

Posted 7:52 PM ET | Comments 0
I have decided on a trade that would work pretty well

From Buffalo: From Tampa Bay:
Ryan Miller Victor Hedman

As we all know, Tampa Bay is in need of a goalie very badly. Ryan Miller is obviously someone who can pay the bill. And with Hedman, he's a skilled defenseman and him with Tyler Myers is beast.Back to Miller, if this were to happen Roloson would be traded,waived, but most likely just not signed.

Roloson would be traded for one of the following
A draft pick (5th through 7th)
A veteran that is neutral in skill but only has 1-3 years left in the career
A bag of pucks (he gives 7 nets of pucks)
100 donuts ( is this even debatable?? Tampa gets a clear win on the trade)

OK now the donuts and pucks are jokes if I were Tampa's GM I wouldn't take either (Mainly because the donuts would go stale on the flight)
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