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OffSeason Trades-Part 1

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Hello this is a new series I am starting,YES THE TITLE WILL BE THE SAME IN THE REGULAR SEASON NEXT YEAR!(These trades have nothing to do with other trades ie. Capitals could trade Ovi in 2 trades I list)
Trade 1-
Craig Anderson to Tampa for a 2012 2nd Round Pick

Well Obviously Tampa needs a goalie bad, so there is the reason for them.Ottawa would have Bishop starting and a decent prospect around 40th overall.Please note Ottawa isn't considered a "Good" Team yet and should take prospects

Trade 2-
Nash and a 3rd to Edmonton for 1st and Hemsky

Hemsky isn't putting up points for Edmonton and would be retraded.But a 3rd and an all star is worth the top 2 picks that are basically guaranteed into the NHL

Sexy Omlet

Put Trades in comments and I'll talk about them on future blogs
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