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Fort Lauderdale, FL • United States • 52 Years Old • Male
Consistency, hard work, more scoring, forechecking and pressure in the other teams zone, and please, please, please play for 60 minutes! Alot to ask for? Well, I don't think so, but that's my opinion.

I want a playoff push that starts now by putting a string of wins together, and coming out of "the gate" with some passion and purpose. They cannot keep expecting to have Vokoun give up one or two goals each night. We just don't score enough for that to work. Tonights game against Atlanta scares me. The Panthers have been off for 4 days and while they should come out with alot of jump, I am concerned that they will play a very cautious road game and wait to see how Atlanta starts. Staying out of the penalty box tonight is paramount to any success they are going to have. Too many potential scorers, and typically Atlanta is not a good place for the Panthers to play.

Last but not least, what the heck is going on with Anthony Stewart? If Jacques Martin is trying to find out what type of player he really is, or if he has the talent to play in the NHL, how can he tell when Anthony averages less than 5 minutes a game, and plays on the 4th line? With David Booth being hurt I think it was a perfect opportunity to put him in his place for at least 3-4 games and give him about 15 minutes of ice time and find out. I just feel that at this pace we will never know.

I want the Panthers in the playoffs this year! The wait has been too long, but if our youngsters, don't mature quickly and get better and more intelligent, they will be making their tee time reservations instead of airline reservations.

P.S. Anyone seen Nathan Horton lately!
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