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Give the kids a chance

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Scoring has become one of the major weaknesses with the Florida Panthers recently.  Yes they did score 3 goals against Tampa, and yes they did score 3 goals against Colorado.  They still lost both games.  The point that I am trying to make is that we don't have enough scoring when we need it.  The Panthers are losing alot of games by one goal.  It seems as though the goals are coming from the same 2 or 3 players.  Ollie and Booth are pretty much the only 2 that are consistent of late.  Horton has been very spotty and guys like Zednik, Olesz, Weiss, and anyone on the 3rd or 4th line have been virtually invisible.  Zednik hasn't scored in quite some time and word today is that he is feeling "depressed".  The season is approaching a very critical point and games are now very important, and the Panthers cannot afford to be in this scoring slump.  Now I'm not sure that with the players that they have they can get out of it, but maybe the style of play could change a bit.They need to be more creative, not try for the perfect play and get some traffic in front of the net.  I would like to see a more intense forecheck, and I would really like to see David Booth put on the first line with Ollie Jokineen. 

In addition to that, and I've said this before, let's put Anthony Stewart there as well for about 10 games.  He was on the first line for a few shifts Sunday and actually didn't look too bad.  He had a couple of scoring chances and he was able to create some space for Ollie, so maybe that line can work.  I don't believe that Horton and Weiss are actually creating much offense and it's really David Booth that is making that second line look good, so give the kids a chance on the first line. Ollie is the best player on the Panthers obviously, give him a supporting cast on the wings that will help create offense and use players that can have a positive effect. Zednik, Dvorak, Stumpl (he's hurt now) Olesz, just haven't been the right players.

In addition, I would hope that Jacques Martin is going to look for some help as well. We passed on Mark Recchi, but I hear that Glen Murray is available, as well as a few others. If the Panthers are going to make a playoff push, they need to add some veteran players and someone that is able to contribute. I know it's not easy, but we cannot get there with the cast we have have right now.
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